Workout Gear You’ll Be Glad You Bought For Your First Trail Run, According to a Pro


You don’t necessarily have to buy all new running clothes if you’re pivoting from the track to trail running. According to Amanda Basham, a professional trail runner, endurance coach, and iFit athlete, it really all depends on the terrain of your run, but there are still some key trail-specific items you’ll want to pick up.

“The biggest thing is making sure you’re safe,” Basham said. “Most mountain runs, you’ll always want to carry water and a jacket because the weather can change very quickly. But if you’re just going for an hour run on town trails, there is much less risk and typically involves the same type of gear. The elements do make a huge difference in what you should wear. Again, primarily for safety, but it also makes the run much more enjoyable.”

Start your shopping research here by checking out Basham’s suggestions on the absolute essentials that a beginner trail runner should own.

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